Cannabis Law

Cannabis Permit Acquisition

Mr. Cooley can help individuals acquire business permits in local jurisdictions in California. He provides complete support throughout the entire application process. This can be a complicated endeavor that requires tremendous research and document preparation, so reach out to Mr. Cooley for help.

Cannabis Business Consultation

Mr. Cooley can help provide individuals and businesses with a better understanding of this extremely intricate and specialized industry. He can answer your questions and help develop business models that are sustainable under the regulatory framework of this emerging sector. 

Corporate Governance Services

Mr. Cooley has experience in helping clients organize and incorporate under the proper business structure. This includes filing the necessary formation paperwork and preparing operating agreements, bylaws, and exemplars for board meetings, notices to members, and corporate resolutions. 

Cannabis Litigation

Trial and arbitration involving cannabis businesses are a unique class of litigation. Mr. Cooley has experience mediating and litigating multiple types of disputes in the cannabis space, including member derivate actions, partnership disputes, and rights to operate disputes. His experience can ensure you get the best possible representation to protect your business interests in the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis Zoning & Real Estate

More so than most other businesses, marijuana businesses must be careful in selecting locations to operate and negotiating leases with property owners. Mr. Cooley has experience in evaluating potential business locations to ensure compliance with all local zoning laws and negotiating lease agreements with owners to ensure that the agreements reflect the distinct nature of this business. 

Cannabis Employment Law

Mr. Cooley's experience in representing cannabis businesses allows him to offer employment law services to new and expanding marijuana businesses. He can help you craft employment agreements and handbooks to ensure that your business operates at the highest level of efficiency. He can also assist to protect your rights when ending employment relationships with your workers.