Business Transactions


Contracts exist at the very core of all businesses. They are a daily reality for owners, employees, vendors, and more. Transactions can be very simple, like buying a newspaper, or extremely complex, taking a long time and involving many companies or agencies. Whether it is a contract to purchase a large volume of product from a foreign entity, a licensing agreement for software or intellectual property rights, an employment agreement, or a real estate contract, an experienced attorney can help guide you through the development and negotiation of an agreement that preserves and advances your rights and expectations. Mr. Cooley has successfully negotiated a broad array of contracts and can help you in drafting agreements with your partners, employees, or other third parties. 

Transaction Types

Simple Transactions

Some transactions are simple exchanges. Getting a haircut, eating at a restaurant, and buying something expensive like an appliance can be a simple transaction. Most such transactions are singular events and often occur between a vendor and a customer. Despite their usual uncomplicated nature, these transactions can sometimes require legal assistance, especially if the transaction involves significant consideration on either end. 

Complex Transactions

Most business transactions Mr. Cooley provides assistance with are complex transactions. These types of transactions might involve multiple parties, like a development contract or several intermingled rights and obligations, such as a revolving line of credit agreement with collateral. If you are involved in this type of transaction, contact Mr. Cooley to make sure you are properly protected in the negotiations and resulting contract.  

Ongoing Transactions

Some transactions are ongoing. Mr. Cooley provides assistance to clients that participate in these transactions. For example, a contract between a vendor and another business can involve multiple transactions between the vendor, its employees, its suppliers, its customer, and the customer's market. If you are engaged in these transactions, let Mr. Cooley help you to ensure consistency, clarity, and the safeguarding of your rights.

Specialized Transactions

Cannabis Legal Services

Mr. Cooley can consult with you on entity creation or acquisition of a cannabis-related business.  He can also provide subsequent compliance services that are necessary to get any marijuana-related business up and running as efficiently as possible. 

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Software License Agreements

Before you enter into a licensing agreement, Mr. Cooley can provide you the insight needed to mitigate risk and protect your rights. He negotiates a broad range of such agreements, including those related to software, hardware, and trademarks. 

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Entertainment Legal Services

Based in West Hollywood, Mr. Cooley provides local support to talent involved in the motion picture, television, publishing, music, and theater industries. He can help you in these areas to negotiate a deal or even create your own production company.

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